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Step 1: LISTEN


"MARJ: Overcomes Eating Disorder on Path to MLB"

 Mike Marjama 


"The Girl On Crutches"

by Kellie O'Leary, BC 2016


WBUR: Resetting your Relationship with Fitness

The Rewards Right Now - The Magic Pill Episode #1
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Hear from BC Students on the Plex Culture

Health Pod - Exercise Culture @ BC
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Why do you move?


Step 2: DO

Please look through the menu below, and choose one activity to practice throughout the month, or pick a few activities to try out.

Intuitive Exercise is about listening to your body and doing what makes you feel good!



1. Take a Rest Day

Recovery days are important for your body to replenish glycogen stores and rebuild protein. If you feel anxious taking a rest day, it is even more important to do so! Exercise should be fun, and not a stress in your life. If you work out every day of the week or when you're tired or don't feel like it, give yourself a break and take a day to do something else. Struggling with body image, sign up for the Body Project, offered to female-identified students. Check out our exercise tips and recommendations.

2. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Try movement, a game, or exercise that is different for your body once this week. If you normally lift weights, get on the yoga mat. If you run, get in the pool. If you swim, try a HIIT workout. Your body likes to be challenged, and that is where gains in strength, speed, and flexibility happen! Check out BC Recreation's group fitness classes to add variety into your routine.  


3. Recruit a Friend 

Exercising alone can be isolating and not so fun. And, we know relationships benefit from activities done together. Ask a friend to do an activity with you this week, like going for a jog, rock climbing, or taking a class. You'll have fun, camaraderie, and find that it isn't so boring or painful when you've got company.


4. Explore the City 

Boston has a lot to offer, and you can get around it on foot, walking or running, or on a bike. In fact, Blue Bikes offers bikes throughout the city from Brookline for a small fee. Take one down to the Charles River, and along the Esplanade. Or, take the T downtown and walk into the North End. Getting out can also help bring nature into your life, which we know is essential for health and a stable mood. You'll be combining fun movement with an adventure! You could even sign up for an outdoor adventure

5. Fuel Yourself  

Nutrition plays an important role in physical activity and sports. Athletes and individuals who exercise regularly require fuel to meet their body's energy demands. By consuming adequate amounts of fuel, you can create positive and lasting effects on physical performance, strength, endurance, and recovery. Check out the pre-post snacks to fuel yourself for your next workout. 

Step 3: SHARE




Share with us what you learned by participating in this month's activities!






Share this page with friends and encourage them to talk exercise too!



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My Weight Has Nothing to do with How Good a Runner I am

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Read Me!

How  should I be thinking about exercise?

Exercise Intuitively

Mix It Up

Stay Active and Consistent

Exercise for Health


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