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Step 1: LISTEN


"Why Weight Does Not Indicate Health" by Peter Attia


"Falling Down, Fighting Back, and Finding Enough"

by Emily Murphy, BC 2017


Nutrition Matters: What is Intuitive Eating?

134: What is Intuitive Eating? - Nutrition Matters Podcast
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Hear from BC Students on the Diet Culture

Health Pod - The Nutrition Culture @ BC
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Let's Talk: Comment Below!

What about your life do you put on hold until you lose weight or get toned? How might your life be different if you were to think about food without guilt or restriction? 


Check out the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating 

Learn How to Cultivate Body Kindness and Respect 


Tell us: 

What impacts your body image?


Step 2: DO

Please look through the menu below, and choose one activity to practice throughout the month, or pick a few activities to try out



1. Donate Clothes That Don't Fit

Still have your clothes from high school that don’t fit? Accept your body as it is today and gain freedom. Bring your washed clothes to the Health Hub (outside of OHP Gasson 013). While you’re here you can check out what’s been dropped off that might fit you and whatever doesn’t get swapped we’ll donate. P.S this is good for the planet!

2. Get Rid of the Diet Mentality

Take this survey to determine what is keeping you in the diet mentality and choose one thing to work on. For instance, if you count calories and limit yourself to X amount, don’t count one day and don’t limit yourself. Notice how you feel. 

3. Refrain From Body Checking 

Have you ever caught yourself repeatedly checking the parts of your body with which you feel dissatisfied? Body checking often makes us feel in control, but it erodes our self confidence. If you notice you’re body checking try to state 3 things you’re thankful for regarding your body (i.e ability to walk) or 3 personal characteristics (i.e personality traits). If you choose to write down these positive affirmations of yourself or something you like about your body, post them where you can see them, and reflect on how changing the narrative impacts how you feel about yourself.

4. Challenge Food Rules 

Do you have food rules? Constantly thinking about food and your body? Complete the worksheet to find out if you’re struggling with food rules and if so, where they came from and ways to challenge them.

5. Eat Regularly 

Often skip lunch? Not eating in the afternoon when you’re hungry? Eating only two meals on the weekend? Try to eat food from 2-3 food groups every 3-4 hours, using the Balanced Plate and Snacking Handout, and notice how eating affects your mood, energy level, movement, concentration, and sleep.  

6. Choose Your Insta Feed 

Research shows following fitness and food accounts leads to more body dissatisfaction. Switch it up and create more positive vibes by unfollowing 5 accounts and try following these 5 instead: bodypositivememes, notoriouslydapper, bodyposipanda, bingeeaterconfessions, mynameisjessamyn 

Step 3: SHARE




Share with us what you learned by participating in this month's activities!






Share this page with friends and encourage them to talk nutrition too!



Before you go...

How would eating whatever you want,

whenever you want affect you?

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Read Me!

To strengthen your relationship with food and your body:

  1. Eat Intuitively 

  2. Weight is Not Worth

  3. Eat Whole and Fun Foods

  4. Get Enough Fuel 

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