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Let's Participate...

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Step 1: LISTEN


"Frientimacy: 3 Requirements to Fulfilling Relationships" 

by Shasta Nelson


"Self Love in the City of Love"

by Stephanie Nekoroski, BC 2017

Let's Talk: Comment Below!

Think about what you have in common with people who you perceive as different. What would this campus be like if you intentionally sought out people who were different than you?


Check out a few of our favorite videos and quotes from Brene Brown on true belonging through the practice of vulnerability, courage, compassion, and authenticity!


Tell us: 

What qualities do you value most in your relationships?


Step 2: DO

Please look through the menu below, and choose one activity to practice throughout the month, or pick a few activities to try out



1.  Discover Your Love Language

Take the "5 Love Languages" quiz to discover how you best express and experience love and use what you learn to connect with others and strengthen your relationships. Unplug, be present, and really connect in ways that are meaningful to you. 

2. Know Your Values

Identify your top 10 values. Then, narrow it down to your top 5. Reflect on why these are your top values and how you can practice them day-to-day. How would you life look if you set more boundaries, lived out your values, and strengthened your relationship with yourself? 

3. Go on a "friendship date"  

Who are the people who energize, encourage, and support you? What activities feed you? Who would you like to get to know better or spend more time with. Choose one person and plan an activity to strengthen your social life and make a memory. 

4. Be Inclusive 

Be proactive in helping others feel included and celebrated. This could be as simple as making eye contact and smiling at the people you encounter, offering compliments and appreciation more often, inviting people to activities, being an active bystander and intervening when you witness offensive language or behaviors. Think about what belonging in this community means to you. 

5. Seek Healthy Relationships

Identify your deal makers and deal breakers, make a list with two columns. On one side list your "deal makers" - the values, qualities, and behaviors you look for in a healthy relationship. On the other side list your "deal breakers" - the values, qualities, and behaviors that signal a relationship is unhealthy.  

Step 3: SHARE




Share with us what you learned by participating in this month's activities!






Share this page with friends and encourage them to talk relationships too!



Before you go...

Have you ever felt like you just don't belong?


Read Me!

To strengthen your relationships:

  1. Be Your Authenic Self

  2. Establish a Solid Support System

  3. Practice Positive Communication

  4. Set Boundaries

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