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Step 1: LISTEN


"Changing a Nation's drinking culture"

by Adam MacDonald


 "I Used to be a Power Ranger"

by Jerry Luk, BC 2018 

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Hear from Dr. Brad Krevor on Alcohol and Your Health

BC Health Pods

Hear From BC Students on the Alcohol Culture

Alcohol & Health - Brad Krevor
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Let's Talk: Comment Below!

There is a big difference between going out for A DRINK and going out TO DRINK.


Why do people drink to blackout?


Step 2: DO

Please look through the menu below, and choose one activity to practice throughout the month,

or pick a few activities to try out.

​1. Attend the October 18th Alcohol Screening Event

on O'Neill plaza from 11 am - 2 pm to chat with a conversation partner about your alcohol use 


2. Practice 2 New low-risk drinking strategies 

use this tip card to try a new strategy next time you choose to drink 

3. STop by GAsson 013 to Choose your personal bac card

use this card to monitor your drinking over the next 2 weeks and see how you feel 

4. Attend the If i had known Documentary

on Friday, October 19th at 12 in Maloney 426,  a documentary spoken by students about the risks of current party culture 

5. Take a night off from drinking this weekend

and reflect on that experience. Check the Guide to Boston or CAB for fun social alternatives  


Step 3: SHARE




Share with us what you learned by participating in this month's activities!

Share this page with friends and encourage them to talk alcohol too!



Before you go...

Why is it so hard for me to stop after just one drink?

drinking .jpg

Read Me!

"We commiserate about how terrible we feel, we laugh it off, and then we do it again."

Next time you pick up that second drink consider your goals for the night, how alcohol effects you, and think about your options. It's your choice!