5 Benefits of Group Coaching

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

When I was growing up, whenever something like the lawnmower wasn't working, my Dad would say, "I doubt I'm the first person to have this problem" and he would look it up or ask his friends until he found the solution.

"I doubt I'm the first person to have this problem... I'll call Mark"

Group coaching is a lot like working together to fix the lawnmower. Except in this case, you come together with a group of people who all want to improve their health. The likelihood is that you are not the only one struggling to manage your time, get enough sleep, or know what to eat in the dining hall.

Group coaching offers the opportunity to work together to develop goals and strategies to improve your life. Here are 5 ways group coaching can benefit you:

1. Engage

The session will begin with a 2-5 minute grounding exercise to settle in and set our intention. I have found that when I take a moment to breathe and think about how I want something to go before starting it (whether it be an intramural basketball game or big homework session) it usually goes much better.

2. Explore

Next you will talk about how satisfied you are with your current state of wellness. If you are unsatisfied, why?

3. Envision

You will ask yourself, What would your life look like if your situation were miraculously solved? How would you feel? What would be different? Some people call this the 'miracle question.' It allows you to create a vision of how things could be better, instead of focusing on how "bad" they are right now.

4. Experiment

Once we have our vision, we work backwards to make it a reality. Your health coach will educate you on the topic and help you to develop some clear, measurable goals for yourself. As a group you may discuss things that have worked or have not worked in the past.

5. Evolve

There is a reason why only 8% of people keep their New Year's Resolutions. They set lofty goals like, "no more dessert" and they don't think about how they will react when obstacles pop up. All of the sudden, they eat one cookie and their whole resolution is thrown out the window.

In the group coaching session, we will talk through obstacles to our goals. When we don't live up to our goals, how will we bounce back?

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