Change the Conversation with the Body Project

By: Julia Fitzgerald, CSON ‘19

Why is the conversation and thoughts about our bodies almost always so negative? As a woman a Boston College, why is it normal to hear and say statements like… ‘I hate my thighs, they’re so fat.’ ‘I need to go to the Plex today, I look horrible.’ ‘Want to start a diet with me? We need to get ready for Spring Break.’

For the first year, Boston College’s Office of Health Promotion has initiated the Body Project on campus. This is a peer lead discussion group of eight to twelve participants who meet to talk about body image. As a Peer Leader of this program, I have had the privilege to lead these groups to help women like me change the way we think about our bodies.

Research shows that when women talk about how to challenge the pressures they feel to conform to “the appearance ideal” it makes them feel better about their bodies. The Body Project does just this. The Body Project creates a safe space to have an open and honest conversation about the pressures we face to look a certain way, the thoughts and feelings we have about our bodies, how we participate in negative body talk, and so much more. After participating in the Body Project, I realized that I not only had the power to change the way I felt about myself, but also to change the way people speak to each other.

If you are interested in signing up for the Body Project, please register at or find us on Facebook @ BC Body Project.

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