Guest Post: 5 Tips to a Healthier Relationship

by Emily Kraus, 2021

Emily, choosing health by spending time outside!

Everyone has some type of relationship, whether it's dating, friendship, or family, and it is key to maintain these relationships throughout life. But how can we balance these, and do it well? Here are 5 tips to having a healthier relationship.

1. When entering relationships, you need to make sure that you are seeking intentional ones. These are the relationships that help the other person get better; you challenge each other. Generally, we should want the type of friend or significant other who sees the best in us, and allows us to realize our potential.

2. Another healthy ingredient to a relationship is honest communication. Many times, we like to preserve the feelings of others, and keep our opinions to ourselves because we don't want friends to get offended. But it is okay if you disagree with someone. As long as you can both sit down and discuss why you disagree, the relationship won't end. No relationship is argument free.

3. It is also key to balance distance and communication. This keeps long-distance relationships in your life! Friends like to know what is going on in your day-to-day, and want to be kept in the loop. When you're having a difficult time, or even a great time, don't be afraid to share. People love vulnerability, and that is the base of forming the strongest relationships.

4. Be able to realize that not all relationships are built to last, and that is completely ok. It's hard to be close with so many people, so if you find that you are growing apart in interests with someone, you can acknowledge that. You shouldn't have to force anything.

5. When in a relationship, be yourself. Compromise is alright, but you shouldn't feel like you're compromising your identity. Be able to express your interests, and don't feel like you need to completely change based off of the interests of the other person in the relationship. After all, the relationship is half you, half the other, so your input and uniqueness is just as important as theirs!

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