Take Control of Your Health with iHP

Living a healthy life is like driving a car straight down the road.

The car is your health, and your responsibilities are passengers in the back seat. When your eyes are on the road ahead, you and your responsibilities move together towards a common destination.

When our life gets busy, our health is often the first thing we take our eyes off of. We deal with papers, roommate drama, family troubles, or any other hard issue that BC students face. Our responsibilities start making noise in the back seat and we turn around, taking our eyes off of the road ahead in order to address it.


Of course, we cannot just ignore the problems and responsibilities in our life and only focus on our health, these passengers are important to us. But the problem comes when we take our eyes off of the road for so long that we forget where we are going – and who is driving the car.

That's where the health coach comes in.

When you sign up for an individual health plan (iHP), you invite a health coach into the passenger seat of your car. Health coaches are not backseat drivers, they aren't going to tell you that you need to sleep 9 hours a night or only eat vegetables to get where you want to go. You are still driving the car. You are still in control of where you want your health journey to end up, and the health coach is simply there to ask questions to help you think about how to get there.

Individual Health Plans focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Prior to meeting with a health coach, you will take the VIA Character Test to learn a bit about what your strengths are. During the meeting, you will set goals and use your strengths to reach them.

I found my individual health plan to be surprisingly helpful. Going into it, I did not think I needed an iHP, but taking an hour to sit and talk 1 on 1 with a coach about all areas of my health and well being was extremely valuable. I remember my health coach, Olivia, recommended that I focus on getting 8 hours of sleep for 4 days a week, if I could not get it for all 7 days. It was like pulling over to the side of the road, thinking about where I wanted to go, and then starting to drive again. It helped me take back control of my health and wellness.

To sign up for your own free individual health appointment, you can follow the link here.

To learn more about some of our iHP health coaches (like Morgan featured below), you can follow the link here.

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