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Updated: Apr 29, 2019

What is BC Health? #WeAreBCHealth.

This is the mantra of the Office of Health Promotion, and it begins with those working in Gasson 025 and 013. Health Promotion at Boston College is made up of many workers and volunteers, who are students, graduate assistants, and employees alike. While these people work to teach and empower others in the BC community, they each first must develop their own sense of health in order to be effective wellness leaders. Meet the OHP staff and their real talk take on health!


Elise Tofias Phillips, Director

"To me, being and feeling healthy is all about balance. When I feel balanced I am on top of my day, and if I don’t, I need to pause, set the reset button, and start again. I love the water and swim everyday, and when I combine that with my favorite foods and positive relationships – that is healthy!"

Kate Sweeney, Nutritionist

"Health to me is creating balance in my life. I try to listen to my body and make a commitment to act in a way that creates balance, whether it is in work, play, relationships, food, movement, and more. It is hard, and I don't always get it 'right'. Striving to create balance helps me feel healthy."

Jeannine Kremer, Associate Director, ADE

"Healthy is living and enjoying every moment. Healthy is being and sharing my most authentic self. Healthy is finding balance in my work and home lives. Healthy is experiencing new things like goat yoga!"

Makayla Davis, Assistant Director

"Honestly, eating a piece of chocolate everyday makes me feel healthy and happy! To me, healthy means always listening to what my mind and body needs. Often that’s a long run along the Charles River, getting 8 hours of sleep, having an iced coffee every morning, or calling a friend on the way home from work. It’s about finding joy in all that we do and appreciating what we already have rather than always wanting more. I believe living in the present moment allows us to access our true power."

Jemima Pierre, Assistant Director, ADE

"I am the person who loves making to-do lists and getting everything on it done in one day.  However, being superwoman isn’t always the healthiest thing for me to do.  So what truly makes me feel healthy is knowing when I need to just rest.  Whether it’s going out to eat, spending time with my loved ones, or watching Netflix in bed, it gives me the chance to reset and refuel so that I can be the best version of me."

Katelyn Hebel, Graduate Assistant

"For me, health is about balance: eating nutritious foods and desserts, exercising and relaxing, making time for schoolwork and friends. To stay healthy, I like going on long walks outside, exploring new places, baking seasonal goodies for friends, trying out new gym classes, and reading for pleasure."

Amanda Kuron, Graduate Assistant, ADE

"I feel the healthiest when I’m also feeling balanced! Balance, for me, looks like a combination of being productive in my school and work and taking time for myself. I love to exercise, read, travel, EAT, pray, and spend time with family and friends to keep healthy and to feel balanced."

Anna Schwarz, Graduate Assistant

"There are so many different things that make me feel healthy. I feel healthiest when I have exercised, eaten a well-balanced meal, had a good nights sleep and spent time with friends and family, but I feel even more energized when I find new and creative ways to be healthy. Nowadays that might mean trying a new spinning studio, testing out a smoothie recipe, or downloading a new sleep tracking app, but these things are ever changing. To me, health is all about finding what works for my body, maintaining a balance, and having fun."

Erin Emmanuel, Graduate Intern

"Health is a journey of grace and continued self-acceptance. It is learning your limits and honestly embracing your strengths. Health is not restricted to one aspect of being, but it encompasses all dimensions of the human at all times. Health cannot be lost, it can only be gained in new ways on new levels."

Maggie Chipman, Social Media Manager

"I feel healthiest when I'm happiest. Being calm and relaxed is equally as important to me as being fit and muscular. The mind is our most powerful resource, yet often we don't take enough steps to protect it and care for it. While I do feel good about myself when I'm working out and eating healthy, at the end of the day, my mental health comes first. Quality time with friends, laughing, taking space to journal or listen to music or think -- these are true definitions of health to me."

Emma Reynolds, Graphic Designer

"Being active makes me feel healthy! Whether it be going on a run around the res, going to a fitness class at the Plex or hiking up a mountain, getting moving always makes me feel as though I’m taking care of my body. I especially love spending time outside and finding new and exciting ways to stay fit. If it doesn’t feel like my typical daily workout routine, it makes staying healthy and active all the more fun! This picture is from a backpacking trip up Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. I love backpacking and I go on a yearly trip to the White Mountains with my dad!"

Michaela Drobac, Graphic Designer

"Health to me is finding balance in my life! Staying active, eating nutritious meals, and getting a quality amount of sleep are all important ingredients to a healthy life. Life can be busy and hectic and while it is very important to be productive, it is also essential to find time to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. Surrounding myself with positive influences is another way I stay healthy. I feel most healthy when I am happy!"

Ryan Carney, Research & Development

"To me, being healthy means being the best version of myself. This starts with my relationships. Sometimes having a long conversation with a friend will do more to make me feel “healthy” than going to the Plex ever could. To be my best self I take naps, get a good night’s sleep, and laugh with my friends. I feel the most healthy when I am being silly!"

Maria Meyer, Tabling Representative

"Healthy to me is all about doing what feels right for you. Taking some time to relax by spending time with my roommates, having a girls night in with nail painting and Thai food after a long week of cramming on the 5th floor of O’Neill makes me feel healthy. But also, waking up early on a Sunday to go for a run around the Res and ending with an omelet full of spinach and bell peppers makes me feel healthy too! What makes me feel healthy is listening to my body and doing what it’s telling me it wants!!"

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